Heavy Psych Stoner 70's Fuzz Rock Band with Psychedelic Space Acid Rock Attitude
Cosmic Ritual Supertrip The new album
Out: May 1st, 2020
Presale started February 13th
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Album Description

Black Rainbows are back with a brand new album! This time they are delivering 12 new and fresh tunes. Recorded and produced by Fabio Sforza, who was also behind the previous album Pandaemonium. “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip” has a monolithic force; guitars, drums and bass are all glued together to give the listener a punch in the face! This album gets its magic power from mixing together a 70’s attitude with a doom-occult and stoner rock sound in a masterful way. We can count a bunch of singles, such as “Isolation” and “Master Rocket Power Blast”, as well as a couple of doomy songs like “Universal Phase” and “Saacred Graal” and also more catchy tunes like “Radio 666” and “At Midnight You Cry”. This is the 8th album of the band and we believe the best one so far. Recorded at Forward Studios in Rome on a huge Neve desk, this new gem will be out May 1st, on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

The amazing artwork, made by the one and only Robin Gnista, is matching in its entirety the album music concept.

Tour Dates

  • 05.03.2020 FR Paris - Glazart HPS Fest
  • 06.03.2020 BE Antwerp - Trix HPS Fest
  • 07.03.2020 UK London - Underworld HPS Fest
  • 08.03.2020 NL Deventer - Burgerwheesuis HPS Fest
  • 25.04.2020 DE Dortmund - Check Your Head Fest
  • 26.04.2020 DE Oldenburg - MTS
  • 27.04.2020 DE Hamburg - Stubnitz
  • 28.04.2020 PL Wroclaw - Dk Luksus
  • 29.04.2020 PL Poznan - Alternativa
  • 30.04.2020 DE Dresden
  • 01.05.2020 DE Leipzig - Zoro
  • 02.05.2020 DE Berlin - Desert Fest
  • 06.05.2020 DE Koln - MTC
  • 07.05.2020 BE Bruxelles - Le Nuis Botanique Fest
  • 08.05.2020 FR tba
  • 09.05.2020 FR tba
  • 14.05.2020 CH Olten - tba
  • 15.05.2020 CH Martigny - Caves Du Manoir w/Monkey 3
  • 16.05.2020 CH Altdorf - Vogelsang
  • 17.05.2020 AT Salzburg - Rockhouse w/Greenleaf
  • 06.06.2020 CH Winterthur - Gaswerk HPS Fest w/Elder
  • 19.06.2020 UK Bristol - tba
  • 20.06.2020 UK Manchester - tba
  • 21.06.2020 UK London - tba
  • 25.06.2020 DE Munich - Backstage
  • 26.06.2020 DE Passau - Blackdoor Fest


Black Rainbows are now established among the best Heavy Psych Stoner Space band coming from Europe, spreading the word of Fuzz since 2007!

Their sound has oozed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out. Two years after their last outing, Black Rainbows enter 2020 refreshed and with well-earned veteran status resulting from countless tours, festival appearances, and their track record of absolutely unstoppable energy.

The band is ready to release this spring their 8th album: “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip”. The new album been recorded at Forward Studios in Rome on an incredible Neve consolle recorded and mixed by Fabio Sforza same engineer of thelatest album “ Pandaemonium” . The new beast has a monolithic force: guitars, drums, bass are all glued together and give the listener a punch on his face!

This album has a magic power mixing together the 70’s attitude with the doom-occult sound and the stoner rock in a masterful way.

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Band Formation

  • Gabriele Fiori Guitar / Vocals
  • Edoardo Mancini Bass
  • Filippo Ragazzoni Drums




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